Letter to a friend

For days, I drunk my sorrows in wine

Bitter words exchanged between strangers

Your face keeps spinning in my mind

For days; my sanity was in danger

I thought being with you made me wise

Undressing my soul to your unwilling eyes

Afraid of losing a friend I have yet to make

One that shown little interest but in cake

By my own agenda I have been blinded

Yet again by my own game, I was cheated

From my own mind chaos, I ran to perdition

To be loved by you, was my whole mission

For days, I wondered and pondered

If I can make it through

If I can be a good friend to you

For days, I have sighed and waited

For the words you will never say

For an answer, a give away

By my own accord, I keep suffering

By my own heart, I am still willing

Masochistic nature allowing status quo

Dichotomy of the heart and the ego

Reconciling feelings unrequited

Expectations bound to be disappointed.

Heartbreak of a relationship that never was

Live the lie and hope to die

Shush be quiet my heart

You can still be a part

To this letter, that may never be written

Of you, I am still too smitten

Words, you may never know

Of this heartbreak I shall bear on my own


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