First chapters

In life, first times are difficult. In my experience as a beta-reader, I find this especially true.

In the first few chapters, the writer is in the dark, creating from pure emptiness and chaos. Finding a good pace, placing the setting and presenting characters in a few pages in a flawless flow is quite challenging.

Writers are especially harsh against themselves and each other. Every line won’t be perfect. Give yourself some time.

Usually, the first few times of doing a new things, months after a move, a new job. Those days, months, years are hard and stressful. You might be overwhelmed by anxiety and uncertainty.

We want everything and we want it now. Patience is a virtue I wish I possessed, but I have compassion and respect for others.

Seeing writers being harshly criticized for the first chapters they are introducing, harsh reviews after a new publications, quitting their art from fear of themselves is heartbreaking and rage-inducing.

Writing; just as life; is hard. Especially the first chapters.

Give yourself some time. Be patient. Surround yourself with patient, comprehensive, talented editors and beta readers. Make good friends. Invest your time in people who believe in you.

Above all; don’t let critics distance yourself from your art. Don’t let self-doubts drown your mind and take over. Take it in your stride, find the silver lining and roll with the punches. Rewrite everything, question yourself, let go of prejudices and preconceived ideas. If your foundation is solid, the rest is just words, letters, punctuation. Make it yours, find your style.

Write for yourself. Yuu won’t, you can’t please anybody. Put yourself out there, your authentic self and that is what people will want and love.

Don’t give up. It’s just the first chapter. It gets better. It gets easier.


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