Modern love and gratefulness

There is a common misconception that love should be easy. That once the passion is gone, it should be over. That you should be swooning everyday. Celebrate everyday, only have good times.

Every day, we are saturated with images of passionate love, love at first sight, being swooped up our feet. Proposals, epic marriages, retouched images of lovers in beautiful settings. But this is what they are, images. The capture of a moment. No context. No before or ever after.

Truth is, couples fight. Disagree. They get bored. They work hard to make it work. They CHOOSE to stay with their partners everyday.

For some it’s easier than others. Some days, temptation is harder to resist than other. Couples aren’t perfect. Love, like life, is messy and complicated.

Today, I dedicate this post to my partner, my husband, my life companion to celebrate the glorious day of his birth.

We had our challenges through the past seven years. I wasn’t always the best partner; but you always tried your best.

Through highs, and mostly lows, you supported me and lifted my spirit when I was down. You knew what would soothe my pain, my soul.

You are kind, loving, caring.

You give without counting, always ready to present the other cheek.

You hold no grudge.

For you, happiness comes easy. You count your blessing and always look for the positive outcome.

You are everything I am not.

You are my complement.

The NA to my CL. The Kermit to my Miss Piggy.

The positive to my negative.

You are the calm before the storm.

You make life easier. You make life worthy. You make life fun when I struggle to see the light.

You encourage my crazy projects and ideas. You bring me down when I fly too high. Worried I may burn my wings.

You watched me grow into the woman, the wife, the lover I am today. I watched you grow into the wonderful, beautiful man you are today. My diamond in the rough.

I know it wasn’t always easy. I know I am not perfect. I know at times I lost sight of the unique person you are.

But if I would have to start again, I would still choose you.

Bonne fête mon amour. Je t’aime.


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