Seven years ago

Seven years ago today, you joined our lives.

I was far from imagining all the joy you would bring to my heart; to my life.

You stood next to me in the darkest moments. Never failing to reassure me with your ever lasting presence; your humor; your warm little butt.

Your calm yet happy personality; the little joys and laughs you bring me every day; the moments I will keep in my heart forever.

Our stubbornness and dedication. Our love of sleep. A little ball on my back. Our naps together are cherished moments that will never be the same.

I know you don’t always understand what is going on, but you understand love and loyalty in its purest form. We would never hurt you my little baby girl.

When you look at me; with your tongue out, those big black shiny eyes and all that fluff, I know I am loved. I never thought I could love this way before I had you.

Yet; you gave me the greatest gift. You beat the odds; you defy statistics. You are now 16 years old and still a happy; healthy puppy.

When we welcomed you at age 9; I thought we would share our lives for 2-3 years. I never expected this. And the selfish side of me wish it will never end. There was a life before and after you came into our lives. I can’t imagine a life without you.

You changed me forever and I am ever so grateful to see you little face every morning; happy to wake up; like you missed me for so long.

I don’t know how much time we have left, but I intend to enjoy every minutes of this great privilege you are giving me.

I am blessed because of you. I am a better person because of you.

You give meaning to my life when I struggle to find one and I will ever be grateful you graced my life.

I love you my little fluff butt. Every day with you is a joy I did nothing to deserve.

In the hope of another 7 years together.



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