Fat Folks Matter

Some of you knows I have been pretty involved in the fat positive / body positive movements in the last years.

I had been thinking about it for a while and today I took the jump and decided to design a first set of shirts as a visibility campaign.

Daily; fat people go through discrimination; violence and intimidation because of their size. Whether it is from media erasure; medical violence; diet culture; any way seems legit for society to force us to conform to the social mold. To reduce our body at any cost.

It’s time to let our voices heard. Time to show your support. Time to speak up against fear, violence and the way fat bodies are treated.

We exist. We matter. We deserve love and good care. We shouldn’t fear going to the doctors or seeking help. We shouldn’t be declined health services because of flawed research and mentalities. Clothing should be available in every size.

We are not second class citizens. Let your voice be heard.

Catherine aka Cynical Mermaid


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