Not just a pretty face

On the blog, I work hard to promote health at every size; body positivity and advocate for mental health amongst other things.

This week I encountered this post on facebook and I think it’s a nice chart of exemples of ways to compliment people outside of the physical realm. We are so much more than just physical enveloppes.

We have been conditioned to be kind to others by complimenting their apparence. Especially when it comes to women and little girls. The downside of focusing on that is that people will put a disproportionate importance on their external appearance. With time; this focus on physical beauty may lead to body dysphoria; eating disorder; psychological distress; self hatred; automutilation; for those who those who believe their bodies does not correspond to social standard of beauty. It’s time to change this.

Feed your soul. Feed other people’s soul. As Judge Judy brilliantly said “Beauty fades; dumb is forever”. We are so much more. Celebrate achievements; acts of kindness; internal beauty.

Here is a list of exemples. I am sure you can come up with your own ♥️

Try it; I am sure it will be a positive experience for both of you. Lead by example. Encourage content; not packaging. It’s so much more rewarding 💕

Until next time,

Cynical Mermaid


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