There and back again…

I feel like I have been like an endless journey since the beggining of the year.

January was an incredibly challenging month filled with self doubts; ending being crashed by a car.

The following month were dedicated to heal my leg and my mental health. However; the temporary move due to the water damage impaired this process and threw furthermore my already fragile mental health downhill. Losing my markers; moving to a part of the city that feels unsafe; in a walk up building; were additional challenges.

The last month was marked by high stress and anxiety triggered by the move and the absence of my partner (for work purposes). A bug invasion; due to the warmer weather; triggered an intense OCD response for two weeks.

Last friday; I moved back home. The one I feel safe in. Comfortable. Tiny and cozy. Except now it’s nicer and newer.

Since moving back; I’ve felt this peace wash over me. A tension lifted from my shoulders. It doesn’t erase all of the anxiety and doubts from the past months; but I feel like a chapter just closed.

A chapter of decay; hopelessness and uncertainty. I don’t have all the answers today but some aspects feel stronger. Some resolutions were made. Some regressions too. I forgot how to take care of myself; how to question my thoughts; how to shut down the mind chaos. I let obsessive thoughts fill my head without any way out.

Since coming back; exhaustion washed over me. My body is sore; my head hurts. Getting my furbaby today will definitely do me some good. My mood goes up and down; but at least I know I won’t be moving around for a while now. I have a space to collect my pieces, my thoughts and tie myself back together.

So as May started; summer is definitely coming along with the rebirth of nature, I feel at the end of a journey; but also at the beggining of a new one.


Like Tolkien wrote so well; « There and back again »

I hope this month; you take time to reflect on the first half of the year; make yourself accountable and see where the rest of the year takes you.

I hope the future holds nice surprises and adventures for us.

Until next time; take care.

Catherine aka the Cynical Mermaid



6 thoughts on “There and back again…

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  1. Glad to hear you’re back at home and feeling a lot better. There’s really no place like home (and furbabies, they make everything so much better).
    I can’t believe we’re five months into the year already. Each year moves faster and faster. But I really hope this new month will start a great journey for you ^_^

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    1. Thank you so much! This year really has passed quickly. I am optimistic for what the months ahead will bring ♥️ There really is no place like home 💖 Wishing you the same 🌸


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