Summer is here! ☀️

Sundress; iced coffee and sunny day ☀️ Summer is here 🌼🌻🌸👌

I don’t usually post full body selfie as I loathe my body (yay body positivity lol) but today is too a beautiful day not too ♥️🌸

Road to self love and body acceptance is long and arduous. It is not a linear process. It is not about reaching a certain weight or shape. It is a state of mind.

I aim to be transparent and authentic. I advocate for self-love and acceptance, but sometime I can’t help but feel like a fraud. Because I hate what I see when I look at myself. But in the end; this is also a part of my journey, and I know that one day I’ll reach that place. Until then, it doesn’t make what I say any less valid. Maybe just making me a little more human.

That regardless of your appearance; you are enough. Worthy. Lovable. Sexy. In relation to yourself.

It has nothing to do with how others perceive you. It’s about you.

We are all beautiful.

No matter the shapes or sizes of your body.

No matter if you shaved or not.

No matter if you think your arms are too fat or your skin is bumpy.

No matter the size and shape of your belly.

You are human; not a doll.

Summer is short. Enjoy every day of it.

Be comfortable.

Be you.

Ground yourself with nature.

Be at peace.

But don’t forget the sunscreen 😎

Fat Love ♥️

Catherine the Cynical Mermaid 🧜‍♀️


One thought on “Summer is here! ☀️

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  1. I started seeing a guy who is skinny as a rail, and here I am several pounds from my goal weight, feeling like there’s no way he could find me attractive. Then there he is telling me I’m beautiful and how much he likes me. For once I’m trying to believe that someone does find me beautiful, and that maybe I shouldn’t be so judgemental of myself. Life is meant to be lived, to be enjoyed, and there’s no need to stress and worry over what society may say I should look and be like when there’s an actual person who likes me as I am.


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